• Annual General Meeting

    The AGM will be held on the first meeting date after 30th June.

  • General Meetings

    Dates for general meetings will be advised in the “Purple Circle”.

  • Ex 22 Construction Squadron Reunion 

    The reunion of the Ex Members Association is held in April

  • ANZAC Day Dawn Service 

    The RAE Dawn service and wreath laying service is held at the RAE Memorial Precinct at 13 Engineer Regiment El Kantara Lines

  • Waterloo Dinner

    The Waterloo Dinner is held on the Friday closest to 18th June.

  • 13 Field Squadron Birthday 

    13 Engineer Regiment, 13 Field Squadron and 22 Squadron birthdays are on 1st July and are celebrated on the closest training night to that date.

  • Long Tan Day

    is commemorated on 18th August

  • Sandakan Day

    is commemorated on the Sunday closest to the middle of August.

  • Merdeka Day (Malay/Borneo Commemoration Day) 

    is commemorated on the last Sunday in August.

  • Oktoberfest

    is held in October